Monday, August 29, 2011

Same Blog, New location

Several years ago, when I set up my first blog, I was still using my old email address with my maiden name in it. A few years ago I finally got around to changing my email address, but my old address was what I used to set my blog up with, so when I went to, it took me in with my current email address (which had no blog) and I would have to log out and log back in with my old email address (are you following?). ANYWAY...not that big of a deal, but still obnoxious after a few years of doing it. SO, I've finally decided to go ahead and set up a blog with my CURRENT email address to avoid all the logging in/out. MAYBE that will even encourage me to post more....we'll see.

SO for those of you who follow me (is anyone out there besides our parents?), please change your bookmark or google reader settings from to

Thanks bunches!! And stay tuned...I have some pretty crazy news coming (NO, I'm not pregnant!).

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