Thursday, September 15, 2011


Brady is trying all sorts of new foods lately and other than peas he hasn't come across much that he doesn't like (He is TOTALLY his father's son!!). The doctor told us to start feeding him some of the things that we're eating if they are single ingredient items, or items with very few ingredients, so we mash up avocados for him at dinner or let him suck on fruits like watermelon. Last night we had cantaloupe and Grandpa N let Brady suck on it to see if he liked it....he DID!!

Untitled from Melissa Neilson on Vimeo.

(I'm trying to get better about taking more video...and sharing the ones we have, so hopefully you'll see more soon)

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  1. That's awesome! Have you seen those things they have you can put fruit in like a net thing and they just gnaw on it till the pieces are small enough to eat? (At the rate he's eating it though he'd get ticked after he finished the first one so fast)