Tuesday, October 4, 2011

7 months old

I can't BELIEVE Brady is 7 months old already. Where is my tiny little baby?!?! I must say though, 6-7 months has been my absolute favorite time with him so far! He was a very fussy baby and I had a hard time enjoying him when he would cry and cry all the time. Now he is happy and playful and so much FUN.
As much as he loves to be held, he's also very content with playing on his own lately...as long as he knows someone is near. He loves to just sit on a blanket and play with his basket of toys. He dumps it out, rolls the balls under the TV stand, and chews on the basket. It never gets old. He also loves to be in his Jumperoo. One of his favorite things to do is sit in it and scream at Walle, wherever he may be. Brady LOVES Walle.
Brady doesn't JUST scream at Walle though. He'll scream at anything lately. All. The. Time. He's not screaming because he's upset usually. I think he just likes to hear himself. And it's LOUD. Well, usually. He has that high pitched ringing scream, but 1/2 the time he's screaming so hard or so loud that no sound comes out. It's pretty cute.
He's really mastered the sitting up thing in the last month. He's really steady now and rarely tumbles over. Sometimes when he's sitting on his blanket playing with toys I'll sprinkle some puffs around him and he loves to grab at those and feed himself.

He's a GREAT eater. He makes a funny sound whenever he eats, especially if it's something he really likes. Right now his favorite food seems to be a pumpkin and banana puree, so as soon as he clamps down on the spoon he goes "Hmmmmmmmmm" pretty much until he's swallowed the food and then he does it again with the next bite and the next. It makes for a pretty noisy meal time.
He's also getting more independent with eating. He's always liked these rice crackers called Baby Mum Mum. They dissolve in his mouth but lately he's been breaking off pieces that are too big and gagging on them. I had to fish some out of his mouth last night and he got SOOO mad that I took food OUT of his mouth. He screamed and cried like I've never seen before. Every time he got a bite that was too big, I would reach in and take some out to prevent choking and he would scream at me again, like he doesn't want me to interfere. Today I just had to break the cracker up into bite sized pieces so he can have his independence without choking himself. Note to self: Research baby heimlich, just in case.

He's been a great sleeper lately. Right now he sleeps about 12 hours and wakes up once to eat. I've loved sleeping in until 8 or 8:30 for the past week and HOPE it lasts!

He LOVES his daddy!! Ryan is out of town M-F for work and when he comes home on the weekends, Brady cannot take his eyes off of him. It's actually a little frustrating when I'm trying to nurse him and he pulls off every 5 seconds to look at Ryan...and then he stares at him for a minute or two before turning back to me. It's almost like he's checking to make sure he's still there. It's so cute to see how much he adores his dad! Watching them play together is definitely a highlight of my weekends!

So that's Brady at 7 months. I love him SOOO much and really enjoy being home with him every day. He's so fun and he makes me laugh ALL day long.

One more screaming picture for you....just to show you what he likes to do all day long :)


  1. Oh goodness! He is getting so BIG!

  2. He gets that screaming thing from his mama!