Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines 2012

Ryan and I never go out to dinner ON Valentines day. It's too crazy. We typically go out to dinner to celebrate earlier or later in the week and use Valentines day to cook a yummy meal and enjoy a quiet night at home. This year was no different.

We went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse last night to avoid the crowds (though there was still quite the crowd there) and it was SO good. Actually, the food was fine. Nothing to write home about. But the rolls...OH the rolls. They are piping hot, a little sweet, and so soft. They come with this cinnamon butter that's to DIE for. AND the hostess who sat us had them in her hand for us as she sat us, so the second we sat down we got to enjoy them! Dinner was good. I had steak. Then we ordered a brownie, to go. We came home, put the baby to bed, and enjoyed the brownie while watching Modern Family. Perfection!

Today, we continued the celebration. Ryan is on a diet and usually has egg whites and wheat toast for breakfast, so I made his egg whites in a heart shaped cookie cutter. That was fun. After breakfast I got a pork roast seasoned (for carnitas) and in the crock pot for dinner and while it cooked I stayed busy making homemade tortillas and cookies.

By the time dinner was ready and I was exhausted! It turned out pretty good though and we have lots of leftovers, so I suppose all the work was worth it. Ryan did the dishes and I got the baby ready for bed before we Skyped with G&G Neilson. Now the babe is asleep and I'm FINALLY sitting down. We're planning on watching something on the DVR and just enjoying the quiet.

All in all, I'd say a pretty successful Valentines day. :)

Tortilla making process :) It was SO easy, but they weren't as great as I'd hoped. I need to try another recipe.

Our spread. Notice the pretty roses I got from Ryan :)

Ryan doing the dishes afterward. Always a nice end to a great meal ;)

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