Friday, March 30, 2012

Top 5 of the week

1. Playing at the park - While I kind of thought Brady was too young for the park, I've been taking him because we've been invited by friends and I need to socialize with adults sometimes, so we've gone...and you know what, Brady loves it. He doesn't play on the structures, but he enjoys crawling in the sand (and eating it sometimes - blech!). I enjoy going and soaking up the warmth and talking to other moms.

2. New shoes - This week I had a $10 coupon for DSW and $20 in credits (from a stamp promo) for Carters that expires on Saturday, so I got Brady some summer clothes and some super cute sandals! And since DSW is right near the Carters store, I went in to see if I could put my coupon to use. I found these red wedge pumps and I love them. I've tried them on a dozen or so times since bringing them home. They look great with dark skinny jeans and I'm searching for some cute skirts and dresses to go with them too so I can get lots of use out of them this spring and summer. AND I told Ryan that he has to take me out on a nice date so I can wear them soon. Maybe for my birthday in 2 weeks??

3. Children's museum - My friend Christen invited us to go to the Omaha Children's museum with her and her kids yesterday. Brady and her son Fisher are only a few weeks apart, and at 1 year old, they couldn't fully appreciate all that the museum had to offer, but there were plenty of play exhibits for them to crawl and climb in and I think Brady had a great time. We stayed for a few hours and brought lunch to eat afterwards...then we went home and Brady slept for almost 3 hours!! It was a good day.
a few observations: Not sure why they call it a's more like a play place...nothing museum-y about it. Also, I think it's funny that they charge adults to get in...I'm just standing around in there. It was $8 for me to get in and an extra $2 to go to the "exhibit" upstairs which was a construction play zone for the kids. I feel like I paid $2 to just go sit upstairs and talk to my friend. I GET it, I mean they need to make a profit, but I just think it's kind of silly that I'm paying for ME to get in. $10 for the day wasn't bad though and I KNOW we'll go back a lot more as Brady gets older. 

4. Lunch date with Brady - Before our shoe shopping, I decided to make more of a day out of it and go out to lunch instead of eat at home like we usually do. Brady and I went to Panda Express, and while I brought lunch items for him, he also shared some of my lunch. I LOVE that I can take my boy out to lunch and he can eat with me now. He has no food restrictions now that he's he can try anything and I don't have to lug baby food around with me...just goldfish :) And, he's a good lunch companion. He's happy and (relatively) quiet when he's eating, so everyone thinks he's cute too.

5. I bought seeds and tubers for the front yard - Spring is here in Omaha...much earlier than normal, but the grass is all green, it's warm every day, and people are re-planting their flower beds. I've never planted flowers before, so I am really excited. I went out and got soil and some Dahlia tubers to plant...they are supposed to bloom all summer long, I think, so they sounded like a good option. I'll probably mix something else in there for variety, but I haven't decided what yet. I also got some carrot, zucchini, and cucumber seeds to plant behind my flowers. Not sure if they'll grow or not, but I wanted to give it a try. I'm going to try and get out and plant them tomorrow morning before it gets too hot (it's supposed to be 87!!).


Ryan is out of town this week and returns tonight, that's why he's not included in any of my highlights for the week, but with the warm weekend weather, I'm hoping we get out and enjoy it as a family...creating more weekly highlights :)

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