Friday, April 6, 2012

Top 5 of the week

1. Family walk - The weather here has been too great not to go out for a walk a few times a week, so on Sunday night we all headed over to the park for a few minutes of swinging. On our way back, we saw the neighbors outside and ended up chatting with them for a while. It's been so nice to get to know them over the past few weeks. They're super nice and they invited us over for a BBQ on Easter!

2. Daffodils - We have two flower boxes under the window in the front of the house, so I planted some pink daffodils in them and they've already bloomed. They're so friendly looking. I LOVE them. I'm also planning on planting some Dahlia tubers in our little front garden area...but I keep putting it off. HOPEFULLY I'll get to it tomorrow.

3. Working out - We joined the gym last Saturday. Mostly because they have a great pool (with water slides) and that's where a friend of mine goes a lot during the summer to stay cool. BUT, since we joined, I figured I might as well actually attempt to get into shape! This week Ryan and I have had a few complimentary sessions with a trainer and we're VERY sore! But we're going to keep up the good work. Ryan will keep meeting with a trainer for a few months to get a good start at accomplishing his fitness goals, and I've signed up for a small group class which meets weekly to accomplish mine. AND, the best part is, I'm the first one to sign up for my group, so for a while I'm the only member, which means I get 1/1 with a trainer for the whole hour but I'm paying a much cheaper price. Here's hoping no one joins my group :)

Also, the gym offers 2 hours of child care a day, so we're trying to get Brady used to the child center. So far he's been 3 times and he cries almost the whole time...they come get you after about 10-15 minutes. I'm HOPING to get him used to it by my class next friday because Ryan will be out of town so if he's freaking out, I'll have to leave my class early. Boo.

4. Baseball game - We got tickets to opening day for the Omaha Storm Chasers this week. They're a triple A baseball team that play about 20 minutes from us. We were excited to go, but it was one of those nights where everything seemed to go wrong. The line to get into the (tiny) stadium for parking was a few miles up the road. Cops were directing it but doing a poor job, so we went around to the other entrance. We waited in line for parking for an HOUR and when we got up we saw 2 things: 1 - the other entrance was clear and open, and 2 - the lot was full about 3 cars before we got up there. All that time wasted! I was MAD and ready to go home, but we went over to the local high school and caught a shuttle - and by shuttle, I mean school bus with standing room only for us...and the bus driver drove pretty here I am, holding Brady, while standing and leaning against a seat, and probably going about 40mph down the road. I wasn't comfortable with the situation, but luckily it was only a few miles away. Once we got into the stadium, we got in line for food. That took 25 minutes. I took the hot dogs to get toppings on them while Ryan waited for the chili cheese fries (HEY, we joined a gym!). Some kid was trying to fill the ketchup box and it took him about 10 minutes, no exaggeration...but a hot dog is NO good to me without ketchup, so I waited (and had COLD hot dogs). Meanwhile, Ryan is STILL up at the counter waiting for the fries...10 minutes later he and Brady met us at our seats, which happened to be AWESOME...2nd row at 1st base. The drama ended there, but up to that point I was pretty frustrated and it just seemed like EVERYTHING was going wrong and taking forever. I guess with opening day there were a lot of new employees trying to get the hang of it and it just made for a lot of waiting! On our way out to the shuttle we got tickets for another game this season because of the inconvenience, so that was pretty cool. The game itself was pretty great too!

5. Dinner for someone at church - I was asked to make/take dinner to a woman from church who just had a surgery. I've never done this before, but I felt like I had no good reason to say no, so I agreed. After finding the perfect recipe, I was pretty excited about it. It was kind of a mad rush in the 1.5 hours I had in between the gym and the baseball game, but I got dinner made, cookies baked, and all of it delivered on time and I felt really good about doing it. I've always appreciated when people have brought dinners for me or my family when someone is sick, so I was glad to be able to do the same thing for someone else.

6. Mama & Dada - Had to add a 6th because I JUST remembered this. Brady FINALLY said Mama and Dada this week. Both within a day of each other. He's babbled mamamamama and dadadadada a lot in the past, but I never counted those because he wasn't using them with any meaning behind them. Yesterday Brady was whining for me to pick him up and he actually said Mama. And today Ryan was coming down the stairs and Brady said he knows what he's saying. We're both so happy...I think I was MORE excited when he said Dada because I could see how excited Ryan was. His face lit up and I LOVED it! I have a feeling a LOT more words are going to be coming VERY soon.

SO that was our week, hope yours was great!

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