Saturday, August 4, 2012

17 Months

My little love is 17 months old! The most notable thing about him at this age (besides how darling he is) is how much he talks. There's a lot less jibber jabber and a lot more actual words and phrases. Here are some of the things he says right now:

- What's that? (he asks this while pointing to something about 200 times a day!!)
- Where did it go? (he asks this while lifting his hands up like you might do when asking a Q)
- Mama, Dada, go, out, mine, ball, guy-guy (how he says kitty-cat), mada (we're not sure what the word IS, but it has to do with food. He says it while holding food that he needs help with or while pointing to food or the kitchen)
- He also barks like a dog, moos like a cow, and quacks like a duck

Other than the talking, he's just busy busy busy, walking and climbing everywhere and getting into everything. We sure do love him!!

He just had his first trip to the beach this week. We're visiting Grandma and Grandpa Neilson in Balboa Island, so we took him to Newport Harbor...just a block from the house :)
Father & Son looking out at the water

He LOVES to fill the bucket with sand or water and dump it on himself :)

Buried by dad!

Dirty boy!

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