Friday, September 2, 2011

Mommy/son date

One of the perks of living with my in laws is the cleaners! Every other friday they come in and do a deep clean. Rick and Arlene are usually at work and Brady and I usually go to the mall or run errands to get out of the way. Since Ryan has the car in San Clemente for work today, I decided to just put Brady in the stroller and go for a long walk.

We walked over to Home Goods and browsed around, then headed over to Sport Chalet to check out their outdoor sale. (I wish I knew where we were moving in 4 months because they were having a KILLER sale on snow clothes). It was lunch time, so we headed into Panera Bread. Brady had been SO quiet up to this point, but right on que, he started getting fussy as soon as my food came. He ALWAYS does that. Anyway, I didn't have a toy OR a lunch partner to help distract him, so I handed him a bag of potato chips to entertain him and it worked like a charm. He was silent while I finished eating.

Once I finished lunch, we headed home, but stopped at the park to rest under a tree. I read my Kindle and Brady just relaxed and enjoyed being in his element: outdoors.

The best part is that we came home to clean bedrooms and bathrooms :)

It was a great afternoon.

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