Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pretty camera bag

LYRIC - Mustard - LYRIC by Epiphanie Bags LLC

So I just recently came across THAT site up there. They sell stylish camera bags for your DSLR. When I got my camera a few years ago I looked far and wide for a purse type bag that offered the protection and organization of a camera bag, but was stylish (not cutesy or too camera-y, if that makes sense). I couldn't find anything so I settled for a sporty 1 shoulder back pack, which I like, but it's not the most practical bag because I can't fit all my other stuff (keys, wallet, phone, lotion, etc.) in it. More often than not, I end up just throwing my camera in my purse which becomes bulky and over-stuffed.

This bag solves my problem. It's roomy enough for my camera and all my purse junk!! The problem is deciding which one I want. I'm really loving the yellow Lyric bag linked above, but there are several other cute ones. I love the bold colors!

I think it's a little late to put it on my Christmas list (especially since I still can't decide which one I want) so it's a good thing my birthday is in April!!

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  1. Ok, I am in love. I swear the best links come from your blog.