Monday, February 6, 2012

11 Months

Brady turned 11 months old on January 26th. I CAN'T believe I almost have a 1 year old. I feel like i was JUST in the hospital having him!
  • Last month, he got sick for the first time. He came down with a flu virus and ended up losing about 1/2 pound from it. Not good when you're already a tiny boy. But, even as a sick baby, he was happy. He didn't act sick at all. He's just such a happy boy that even the flu doesn't bring him down. It's also interesting to note that while he gave the flu to me, Ryan, and Arlene, he and I definitely did not get it as bad as Ryan and Arlene. I bet it has something to do with nursing and antibodies. 
  • He climbed some stairs (and fell hard) for the first time. I was at Abby's showing her something on my phone while he crawled around and I looked up to see that he had gone into the entryway. I got up to go get him and saw that he had climbed up 2-3 steps. I was shocked and shouted out "BRADY!" Lesson learned: never shout your kids name when they are in a dangerous situation. He looked at me, smiled and reached out for me, which made him fall down the steps and hit his head on the hardwood floor. It was definitely a "mom fail" moment for me and I felt pretty awful. It didn't deter him though, he still runs for the stairs every chance he gets. 
  • He has become the PICKIEST eater and it's driving me CRAZY. Before the flu, he ate almost any  food I gave him, but since, he will only eat veggies with fruit mixed in. He won't eat eggs, even though he's enjoyed them before. He won't eat meats. He pretty much lives on sweet potatoes, squeeze baby food pouches (because they all have fruit mixed it), any kind of fruit, any kind of cracker or cereal, cheese, waffles, and...that's about it. When I give him new foods to try, he'll barely even taste it before spitting it out and tossing it off of his tray. Such a booger!
  • He tried his first cheeseburger! Arlene and I took him to In-N-Out before we moved to NE and I got him a cheeseburger to see if he'd eat it. He ate 1/2 and probably could have kept going. He loved it. He loved the fries too. We'll definitely not make a habit out of that, but it was cute to see him enjoying something new...especially with his recent pickiness. 
  • he is still working on his sippy cup skills. He just can't seem to grasp the whole "tilt it up to get the water out" concept, so I'm usually helping him. 
  • He clicks his tongue all the time!
It's been such a busy month with packing and moving that I can't seem to remember what else was new and exciting for him. It seems like he's done so many things in just the last week, but those are for his 12 month report, so I guess I'll stop here. Anyway, that's our guy. As cute as ever. We love him so much. He brings so much joy (and sometimes frustration!) into my life, he makes me laugh every day and I can't imagine my life without him.

Loves his new Basketball toy
Constantly pulls things off the shelfs 

Still loves to chew on socks and toys, like a cute little puppy. And he knows when he's being silly!

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