Friday, February 10, 2012

new things I love

We've been in Nebraska for 2 weeks now and we're unpacked and settling in. There are still some boxes lying around as I figure out where to put everything and my living room is posing as a sewing room right now, so I'm not going to be posting pictures for a bit, but I DID want to show you some new things I got that I just LOVE!

Target had these vinyl/plastic sticker calendars for $7.99. I originally bought it for the wall right by our pantry but it didn't stick to the textured wall as well as I'd like, so I moved it to the freezer, where it sticks like a dream. I love the colors on it and I love the convenience of it. It's just so fun. Only problem is that it comes with a dry-erase marker which is too easily erased, so I need to replace it with a wet-erase marker instead.
Also, I got this cool idea from pinterest. Our pantry is pretty small and I hate having tons of boxes of snacks thrown in there, so I got a cheap shoe organizer  to hang on the pantry door. It helped me clear 7 or 8 boxes out of the pantry and it makes these items easy to see and easy to grab. I LOVE it.

So, those are some of my favorite things around our house.

Also, totally unrelated: 1 week after we moved in, we got nailed with a crazy storm. We had about a foot of snow on our driveway from the storm that lasted less than 24 hours. It was pretty to see everything covered in white powder, but a few days later when the clouds cleared and the sun came up, it was even more beautiful. I had to snap a few pictures.

view from our back porch

more view from the porch

I made a mini snowman on our porch...with my bare hands. They ached afterwards!! Big mistake.

Ryan HATED shoveling our super long driveway.  It took him 3 long shifts to get it done. 


  1. Eek! Has Ryan tried to talk you into buying a snow blower yet?

  2. no, he wants to hire a snow removal service.