Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday night project

Our bathrooms are pretty small with only under the sink storage, but there are big empty (white -- blech!) walls behind the toilet just begging for a cabinet, art, shelves, or SOMETHING. We don't need as much storage in the guest bath, so I thought shelves would be sufficient, but I wasn't seeing any that I liked. I wanted something with a little color and more personality than just your standard I started thinking about what else I could do. I've seen baskets nailed to the wall on pinterest and loved that idea, but couldn't find any that I liked either, so I came up with something else...

I went to Michaels and got these two wooden crates and some green paint that matched the bathroom. As I headed to the checkout stand, I saw this little wooden stick placemat for $1, so I grabbed that too. 

After painting them green, the color seemed a little too bright, so I watered down some brown paint and kind of glazed over it to dull the color a little. It worked out perfectly. Then I cut the placemat up and glued it into the bottom of the crates to create a textured background.

So, here's the finished product. I still need to find something to put in the top crate next to the soaps, and now that I see the picture I'm thinking I should either lower the crates or hang something from the bottom one to fill up all that white space above the toilet. But, I really love how they turned out. I'm so glad I grabbed the placemat at the last minute, I think it adds texture and depth.

Not bad for an hour long project :)

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