Friday, March 16, 2012

Brady's first word -- video

Last Friday I started saying "ball" a lot and within a few minutes Brady started mimicking me. I thought it was pretty cute and throughout the week, we would say "ball" over and over. Today, we hadn't said it at all, and as I was changing his diaper, I handed him that ball and asked him what it was. I didn't expect an answer AT ALL, but he didn't hesitate. I almost cried!! To know that he's not just making noises, but he actually KNOWS what it is that he's saying is just amazing. It's just so incredible to watch your baby learn new things!! Now if only we could get a real "mama" and "dada" ...not just mamamama dadadada.

He's been saying "ball" all afternoon...I think he's just as excited about learning a word as I am.

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