Friday, March 16, 2012

My top 5 this week

So there's this blogger that I follow who regularly lists her top 5 highlights of the week. It's always positive and happy and I thought it might be fun to do the same thing. It's a good way for me to look back on my week and think about all the great things that happened. So here is my first edition of "my top 5" and hopefully I keep it up :)

1. It's WARM!! 30 degrees above normal - the wind has died down and I actually have had the heater off for 3 days! It's getting up to 80 during the day...and should continue to be warm through the weekend before the rain comes next week! The weather has allowed us to get out for our first walk in the neighborhood, it's gotten us to hang out on our porch, it's turning the grass green (which I LOVE), and it's gotten the entire neighborhood to come out of hibernation. Seriously, I've hardly seen anyone in the neighborhood until now, but every night kids are out playing, people are out walking, I smell barbecues's like life has been breathed into the area and I LOVE it.

2. We had a park play date with a new friend...for me and for Brady. I met a girl at church who just lives a few streets away and she has a son who's just a few weeks younger than Brady. It was so nice to get out and get to know someone new.

3. Even with our park play date, I was feeling a little lonely this week since Ryan has been out of town, so I especially enjoyed the phone this week. I talked to my mom and dad, skyped with Rick and Arlene, had a nice conversation with my brother, and talked to Ryan a few times.

4. Watching the sun set with Brady last night...from our deck! Bonus about living in a flat state and being on a little hill above the other houses in the neighborhood...we never have to leave our back yard to watch the sunset. I don't think I've ever seen it set on the horizon like that from my homes in CA. Too many hills and mountains in the way. We usually had to go near the beach to see it. Anyway, last night it was gigantic and hot pink. The picture doesn't do it justice!

5. This one hasn't happened yet, but it will happen before the week ends, so: Ryan comes home tonight. I'm more excited than usual. And tomorrow we're planning on going to the zoo (have you heard about the Omaha zoo? It's supposed to be the second best in the country -- behind the San Diego zoo). We're getting annual passes so Brady and I can go with friends all year long -- it's the thing to do in Omaha! I can't wait!!

SO that's my top 5 for the week :)

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