Thursday, April 19, 2012

Food container upcycle

A month or so ago I finished off a small container of Carmel popcorn and just as I was about to throw away the container, I realized I could use it for a "put in" activity for Brady. We did these with kids when I worked as a behavioral therapist. The kids enjoy them, it gives them something to focus on for a few minutes, and it's great for developing their fine motor skills. Basically any container with a smallish opening is great for them to put items into.

For this one, I modge podged some scrapbook paper onto it and cut a hole into the lid with an exacto knife. I knew I was going to use these alphabet blocks for the put in item, so I cut my hole to fit them perfectly. You could use popsicle sticks or any item that you have a lot of. It took all of 20 minutes to make and Brady loves it. I usually find other random items like pacifiers and paper in there. He tries to put bigger items in too, so the lid is cracked, but hey, it didn't cost me a penny to make, so I don't mind.

Anyway, it was just a fun and cheap/free idea for a kid activity, so I thought I'd share :)

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  1. Melissa! So glad you left a comment! I was iffy on putting the baby bjorn and heard similar things but didn't know what else would be better! I'm now switching it to he Beco Baby and am so excited! now if only I could pick a color..haha they are cute! Thanks again!