Wednesday, April 25, 2012

14 months

My little man is 14 months old now! Unbelievable. This guy is my WORLD. I love seeing him grow and learn new things, almost daily. It's so fun to watch him soak up the world around him.

At 14 months:
  • He's so close to walking. He's taking about 3-4 steps at a time. 
  • He mimics our sounds all the time and he's up to 6 words: mama, dada, ball, baby, cheese and golf. Cheese sounds like "dee" and golf sounds like "gaaa", but I think they still count. 
  • He gives me big wet kisses 
  • He's more cuddly lately. When he's playing, he'll come up to me every few minutes and lay his head in my lap or on my shoulder...he does it to Walle too. He crawls up to him and hugs him and lays his head on him. It's DARLING. He is just so full of love!
  • He has 4 teeth. 2 on top and 2 on bottom. And it looks like a molar is on its way...he has a blister on his gums called an eruption hematoma which is common for teething babies, but the tooth could still take a month or more to pop through. 
  • He's getting a little more brave than I'd like. At the park, he's always trying to climb up the structures. I grab him and bring him back to me and our friends and he turns around and heads right back to climb up the steps or the slides.
  • We really need to baby proof now. He gets into everything: cabinets, drawers, trashcans, toilets...everything. The bathroom doors must stay closed because if I just BLINK he'll be in there dipping his hands into the toilet. 
  • He's about 22lbs now and he just graduated from the infant seat to the "big boy seat", his new convertible car seat. 
  • He's busy! He is not the type to sit still for long at all! He is always moving from a toy, to the dog, to another toy, to me, and over and over again. While I don't want him watching a ton of TV, I have tried to put Sesame Street on (since he loves Elmo videos on the computer so much) and he won't sit and watch them at all. That's a good thing, but sometimes I just wish he could stay in the same spot for more than 2 minutes. 
  • He's been going to the Child Center at the gym and really had a hard time with us leaving him there. They would have to call us back to get him after 15 or 20 minutes, but the last 3 times at the gym he stayed the entire hour without a problem. Hopefully he's getting over this attachment thing so we can get him a babysitter more often. We hired one last week and had to put him to bed before we left so he didn't just cry the whole night. :/
So, that's our boy at 14 months. He's learning new things so fast, I can't wait to see what he learns in the next few months!

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