Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Brady's first haircut

Brady's hair has been getting out of control. Part of me loves it long because I like to play with it and he has some curls in the back that are so cute, but it was also driving me crazy. The tangles and the food were a constant battle, he hated when I would fuss with his hair to get either of those things out. And now that it's getting hot, he was constantly sweating on his head and his hair just got matted to it. He almost always wakes up from naps with a big wet spot on his sheets and his hair soaking wet. I have a fan in his room and his body is not hot...just his little head. So after MUCH internal debate, I decided to just go ahead and do it. I found a cute place called Pigtails and Crewcuts and took Brady in this afternoon, after a nap and lunch (the key to any hope of good behavior in a tough situation with this kid - rest and a full belly).

I was nervous that he'd scream and try to wiggle away, but he did SO well. He looks scared, but he never cried or reached out for me...I think he was just confused. He was happy to have me sitting near him handing him animal crackers and by the end of the haircut, he even started playing with the steering wheel on his airplane seat :) I was so worried that I wouldn't like the look of short hair on him, he was just so cute with the long hair, but now that I see it, I think he's even CUTER! I just love it! Afterwards, we went into a few shops in the strip mall and 2 different women commented on how cute his hair looked...without me even saying that he just got it cut. We finished our afternoon off at Red Mango (I think) for frozen yogurt before stopping at the park.

It was a great afternoon! I sure do love hanging out with this boy!

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  1. He looks so handsome! Josh and I love Red Mango!