Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Our Brady boy is 15 months old now and is getting more and more independent. I feel SO lucky to get to hang out with him all day. He's the cutest boy I know and he does the silliest things to keep me laughing all day long. I'm constantly amazed by the new things he does: new words, new tricks, following instructions, copying me or Ryan, etc. He's such a smart boy.


He just had his 15 month well check and his stats are: 22.5lbs - 19th percentile & 32" - 62nd percentile. He's gained 2.5 pounds and 3 inches since his 12 month check. The doctor was very happy with his growth and said he's a healthy, happy boy.

Here's what Brady has been up to this month:

  • Blowing kisses - He does this all the time. He saw Betty White do it on TV and he blew her a kiss right back. When I put him down to bed I always kiss his nose before leaving the room and he usually takes out his paci and blows me a kiss. 
  • New words - Brady says "uh oh", "yeah", & "ouch" and if you ask him what a doggie says, he'll say "woof"
  • Knows his nose - If I ask where his nose is, he'll point to it...and then start picking it, yuck!
  • Loves to slide - We go to the park a few times a week and he loves to climb up the structure, but I've always helped him go down the day, he was playing around on the structure and I didn't get to the slide fast enough and he went down all by himself. He had the biggest smile on his face! Since then he always goes down unassisted. 
  • Learning utensils - I'm not really sure when babies start using forks and spoons on their own, but I've started introducing them when I know we're having a bath after meal time and he LOVES to try to feed himself. At this point, I put the food on the spoon or fork and then hand it to him and he puts it in his mouth. It's a messy process, but he's so happy!
  • Throwing fits - Last week I got the first taste of a tantrum from him. I had made some frozen yogurt bites for him and I brought them downstairs for him to try. He loved them so much, but I realized that they were messy so we should go up to the kitchen...I walked up and told him to come with me and he dropped to the floor screaming because he thought I was taking them away from him. Ryan and I looked at each other and knew that this was just a taste of what's to come.
  • Smearing food everywhere - He used to be into throwing his food, and while he still does that a little, now he mostly smears his food all over his chair, the sliding glass door that he sits next to, the kitchen table (which he can reach from his chair), and worst of all, his ears and hair. Eating has always been a messy process, but this is getting ridiculous. We now have baby soap at the kitchen sink for a quick shampoo after meal time. 
  • So loving - he's still such a little love. He always comes up to me and Ryan and lays on us for a minute before going back to his toys...but he doesn't sit long with us...he doesn't sit long for ANYTHING. 
  • Sleep schedule - He sleeps about 11 hours a night. His current schedule is bed at 7:30 and up around 6:30...I WISH he would sleep later, but he just won't. We've tried pushing his bedtime back a bit...and even when we're out late and he gets to bed at 10 or later, he's still up right at 6:30...even with dark curtains blocking out light. I guess I just have to get used to waking up before 7. Brady is still taking 2 naps a day... He sleeps for 1-2 hours at around 9am and then he sleeps for about 2-3 hours later in the afternoon. If we go swimming, he'll sleep for over 3 hours and we usually have to go wake up up. It's amazing how much it wears him out. 
  • Walking - He's walking everywhere...and FAST!
  • Talking and pointing - He jabbers ALL DAY LONG and points at everything while talking...I always wonder what he's trying to tell me...

Discovered the rocks in the front yard, it's his new favorite spot!

So happy!
So that's our boy at 15 months. He's so fun and loving. He brings so much joy into our lives...sometimes as we're playing I am just overcome with love for's almost like a physical thing, I actually FEEL I'm going to overflow with love for him or something...I can't quite explain it. He really is my world!