Sunday, June 10, 2012

Warm weekend outside

It's been hot here. High 80's for a few weeks in a row and it's supposed to continue that way for at least the next week. We've spent A LOT of time at the pool (5 days this week!). But when we're not at the pool, we're working outside to try and keep the grass alive, remove weeds, and plant some new things.

Up until recently we've had pretty frequent thunderstorms come through to water the lawn, but it's been dry for a few weeks and we realized we needed to start watering before all the grass dies. Brady LOVES the new sprinkler. He doesn't so much run through it, but he's curious about it and studies it up close while touching the water, so he ends up getting soaking wet. It's pretty funny to watch. 

He's already so curious about EVERYTHING. He points at things all day long and says "uh da" with a questioning tone. I can only assume he's asking "what's that?" Here he's pointing at an of his favorite things to point at. 

While Brady and Ryan played with the sprinkler, I got started on some plants that I got earlier this week. I'm attempting to grow heirloom tomatoes, roma tomatoes (for my homemade margherita pizzas), and green & yellow squash. I hope they grow, but our soil has a lot of clay in it, so it's ROCK hard. We loosened it as much as we could, so I'm hopeful, but...we'll see.

I also replanted our window boxes. I originally put daffodils in them, which I loved, but they bloomed and died within a few weeks, apparently they're not a long lasting flower. The woman at Lowes told me that these pink flowers should last until they freeze, so I'm happy about that. She also showed me the purple plant for contrast and I LOVE the way it looks! After a month or more of having dead daffodils in these boxes, it's fun to have something pretty to look at again. Now I just need to remember to water it all!

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