Sunday, June 17, 2012

Baby proofing my kitchen towels

Brady pulls down the kitchen towels a hundred times a day and carries them around the house. It drives me crazy. To keep him from doing that, sometimes I just leave the towel up on the counter where he can't get it, but that looks messy and I don't like that either. I've considered getting the towels that loop and button onto the oven handle, but I don't like the look, so I started thinking of what I could do to our towels to fix the problem. Velcro was out because I hate how it snags things in the laundry when you inevitably forget to fasten it before washing, so I decided to try snaps. I've been using them for ribbon pacifier clips so i already had them and they are so easy to use. Here are some pictures of the process and the end result. I'm so happy I won't have to search for my kitchen towels anymore!

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