Sunday, August 19, 2012

Putting Pinterest to use...

I LOVE Pinterest. I love being able to just browse to find awesome recipes, DIY projects, handy tips for anything and everything, etc. And having it all bookmarked in one place is so convenient...BUT, I find myself PINNING great ideas and rarely actually DOING what I've pinned, so today I came up with a new goal: I want to try 2 new pins a month.

I currently have 423 pins to sort through and there are so many fun things to try so I'm excited to get started. It will be a great way to keep myself busy with fun/new things and make my time on Pinterest more useful than wasteful :)

I HAVE tried several pins already and thought I'd share some of my favorites:

I used this concept for some storage over the toilet...I painted wooden crates and hung them  like this to hold toilet and soaps, etc. 

Awesome way to serve lasagna. A little messy to prepare...but fun and easy for leftovers. 

I had so many of these cards in my change purse,  it's more convenient to have them like this...and Brady likes to play with it :)

Our freezer was getting a little unruly,  I always take things out of boxes to save space, but these containers make it nice to keep similar things together. We use one for frozen veggies and one for popsicles now that it's summer. I love the way it's opened up space in our freezer. 

I have one of these hanging on our pantry door full of snacks...again, I take things out of boxes to save space (granola bars, chips, oatmeal, etc. ). It all goes in pockets on the door and it opens so much more space. 

Couldn't find the link for this one, but we line a cup with foil and poor bacon grease  in it, let it harden, then toss it out. No more scooping grease out of a mug!

Blessing bag for homeless. I did this earlier this year. I'd love to make a few to have on hand in the car for when another opportunity presents itself. 

I make these for Brady and he loves them!

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