Tuesday, August 28, 2012

18 months!!

Brady is officially A YEAR & A HALF old!! He's so cute and so fun....but he throws some nasty tantrums :( and he's hitting now. He also constantly tries to push me out of the kitchen when I'm cooking or cleaning in there. FRUSTRATING!!

Luckily, he's happy more often than not...and when he's happy he sings and he talks...and talks, and talks! He's up to 20 words and new ones this month include "go", "bubbles", and "vrooooooom" when he's playing with toy cars or boats or airplanes.

He still LOVES to play Peek-a-boo!

He's so curious and constantly points to EVERYTHING asking "what's that?".

Not the cutest pic, but it shows how BIG he looks!
He's never really been into TV, but this month he's started to get excited for "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse". He'll sit still and watch for at least 10 minutes at a time. I don't want to encourage heavy TV use, but sometimes it's nice to have him sit for a few minutes so I can get ready...or just cuddle with my boy.

He loves to dance when he hears music. Dancing for him is just bouncing up and down, but he only does it to music and it's SO cute. He does it with Mickey and friends to "the hot dog dance" at the end of every Mickey Mouse episode :)

He also likes to jump on any bouncy surface: his bed, the couch, our ottoman, etc.

When eating food he likes he says "mmmmmm" after every bite. He started drinking out of a regular cup yesterday and he says "ahhhh" after every sip of water he takes. Such a funny kid!

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