Wednesday, October 24, 2012

CA trip part 1: Monterey

We just returned from 2.5 weeks in California. It was an awesome trip, albeit a little long. Here's a recap of the first part:

Our trip started on October 4th, Ryan's birthday. We flew to Oakland and then headed to my parent's home in Antioch for a birthday dinner. The whole family was there and it was fun to have a little celebration after a long day of travelling. 

The next morning Ryan and I drove to Monterey to meet up with his parents. Brady stayed with my parents for a long weekend (longest we've been apart and he did GREAT!). This Monterey weekend was a belated graduation trip from Ryan's parents and it would include LOTS of golf for the guys. After meeting Rick and Arlene for breakfast, the guys headed off for their first round of golf at Del Monte golf course...while they golfed, Arlene and I walked around Cannery row and then headed to The Lodge at Pebble Beach to check in to our hotel and grab lunch. 

Ocean at Cannery Row

Upon arrival at our room I noticed that it had 2 queen beds and mentioned it to the bellhop. It wasn't a problem, I was just surprised to see 2 beds when I walked into the room. He called the front desk and said that there were no king rooms available but we could transfer to a king room the next day. Knowing that we were there celebrating, he promised he'd get us a really cool room. The room we had was already beautiful with a large sitting area, fireplace, and private porch, but I was anxious to see what he considered a "cool room". 

The next day we transferred rooms and it turns out our room is the room that Bill Murray always stays in when he stays at The Lodge. He likes it because it's off in a corner and a little more private. It was a great room and we had our own private hot tub on our was AWESOME!

Rick and Arlene didn't have a hot tub, but check out the VIEW from their room!!!!

view from their room

That same day, the guys golfed at Spy of the most famous and difficult courses in the US. Ryan was THRILLED to have had his best game EVER here.

That night we met our good friends Joey and Kiwi for dinner at a restaurant that Kiwi recommended in Carmel. She knew most of the employees there and they really took care of us. We had a GREAT meal...and when it came to dessert, the manager came by and said she was giving us one of we shared 6 desserts!! Yummmm!

Carmel beach

Sunset at the beach before dinner
Great friends!!

The next day the guys golfed at Pebble Beach. While they golfed, Arlene and I went off to the spa and got a massage and facial. It was SOOOO nice to be able to relax and get a little pampering! Afterwards we were able to go down to the course and watch the guys finish up their round from the 18th hole.

Ryan is in the orange shirt and Rick is right next to him

Ryan putting on the 18th
father & son

Oddly enough, Pebble Beach is an easier course than Spy Glass, but Ryan had a rough round. He said he had a case of the yips. I felt really bad for him, but at least it was a BEAUTIFUL day and the views from Pebble Beach are UNREAL!!

That night (our last night) we headed out to Spanish Bay to watch the bagpipers who always play at sunset. It was awesome to sit around the fire pits with cocoa and a blanket listening to the bagpipes. The view was pretty great too!

waiting for sunset

After the sunset we went to a restaurant called The Sardine Factory. It was really good and we had an awesome dessert: strawberry ice cream lollipops served over dry ice...what a presentation!!

The next day we stopped at my favorite crepe restaurant in Monterey. It was DELICIOUS!!

And just as we were leaving the hotel, we realized that GEORGE W. BUSH wast golfing at Pebble Beach that day and he was staying in the room RIGHT NEXT to Rick and Arlene (secret service was guarding the door). Here's a pic of his motorcade :)

That afternoon I dropped Ryan off at the San Francisco airport for a business trip and headed to my parent's to see my baby and spend some time with my family. 

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