Thursday, November 1, 2012

20 months

Halloween 2012

Brady is dangerously close to 2 years old. It scares me to think he can get any busier than he already is! He is a feisty one, always running, climbing, jumping, saying "no", and throwing fits. He definitely has his crabby moments, but he can also be the sweetest boy you've ever met, often offering unsolicited hugs and kisses, which remind me that I'm the LUCKIEST mama in the world.

Here is a little 411 on Brady at 20 months old:

-He loves reading and is always bringing me books to read to him. He can identify a handful of the most frequently read books by title. I'll say "go get me Brown Bear" and he'll go into his room and retrieve the correct book. He is also starting to put his books back on the bookshelf when we're done (though, not the way I would do it), which I appreciate! His favorite books right now are: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See?, Go, Dog. Go!, Watch me Hop, & I Love You Through and Through

- He is such a great helper! He is so willing to help me when I ask. He'll bring me things, put things in the hamper or trash, flush the toilet...even when it doesn't need it, put dishes in the sink, put toys away, help me cook, give Walle his food, feed ME, etc. Usually if he's upset about something (like having to come in from playing outside) I can request that he carry something in for me and he'll gladly do it. He also likes to do it ALONE! He was carrying a bag of groceries up the stairs yesterday and I tried to help but he wouldn't have it.

- He's talking up a STORM. In the past week, he's started repeating words I'm saying throughout the day...some of his new words are yellow, stay, fishy, night night, & hey. I'm hearing multiple new words a day now, so it's pretty fun to watch him expand that lexicon of his. If he's not talking, he's singing. This kid always has a song in his heart and I love it!

So those are the things that stand out to me the most about my boy right now. I REALLY love this kid and cherish all the one on one time that we have together.

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