Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My cuddle bug - 21 (and a half) months

I'm so lucky to have such a sweet boy! He loves his mama and I LOVE that! Most mornings we sit and watch an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and as we watch, he comes and sits right next to me (if not on my lap), lays his head on my arm, and says "mama" in the sweetest way. He usually reaches over and holds my hand too. He likes when I rub his hands and play with his fingers. Eventually the cuddling turns into climbing all over me like a jungle gym and then he runs off to play with toys.

I love counting on this time each morning! Now that Brady is nearing 2 years old, he's throwing tantrums when he doesn't get his way. It gets really frustrating when he's crabby and wants nothing to do with me because I won't give him something that he's not supposed to have or I won't let him stick keys in the light sockets (something he keeps trying to do with the one socket that is uncovered for Christmas tree lights). However, knowing that I get to start each morning with sweet cuddles from him and be reminded that he really does love me and like being around me makes me feel great and it almost charges my battery to prepare for those crabby fits that I'm likely to encounter later in the afternoon. 


Brady has learned a few new things lately that make us smile:

-Every time we sneeze (or when Ryan burps), Brady says "Bless you". Cutest thing ever!
-When we sit down to dinner, he folds his arms for a prayer. Usually it's before we're ready, but we look over and he's just sitting there waiting to pray, so we'll say it early. He also does this before bed. We always turn a fan on in his room at bedtime (for white noise) and as soon as I do that, he folds his arms so we can pray before bed. Sometimes he even does it when we turn the fan on at nap time. It's a good reminder to us to pray with him...
-We're NOT potty training him right now, but we are introducing concepts to hopefully make the process easier when it is time. For a long time now, we've been acknowledging when he is pooping so he can be aware of what it is and what it's called...that way when we tell him to go on the potty, he'll know what we're talking about. Also I've started setting him on the toilet a few times a day and if I catch him going number 2, I try to let him finish on the toilet. It worked last week and he was pretty excited. But I've tried a few times since and haven't had success. I'm not pushing it, but I just want him to be totally aware of where it goes and hopefully it will make potty training a little easier when we start. 

So this is what's happening with my boy at 21 months. He's EXTRA sweet and can be a LITTLE sour, but we love him more than anything and we have SO much fun with him. 

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