Wednesday, January 16, 2013

November Update

I suppose I've been neglecting this little blog here. I'm kind of burnt out on it, but I know the future me would be glad if I keep it updated, so I'm going to try to be a little better. 

So, it's winter in Nebraska and it's freezing and we're stuck in the house a lot. We try to come up with things to do to get out of the house and keep Brady busy, so some of our regular activities include going to the play area in the mall or going to the gym for him to play at the child center. He really enjoys getting out and being "let loose" to run and play. 


We stayed in Nebraska this year for Thanksgiving. Courtney (Ryan's sister) and her boyfriend Josh live in CO so they drove here for the long weekend and spent the holiday with us. We got together with some friends here for our Thanksgiving dinner and had a blast!

Courtney and Josh helped us prepare for Christmas that weekend by going with us to get our very first Christmas tree! We've never really had much space for one before living in this house, so it was a pretty exciting event. Ryan and Josh also hung Christmas lights on the house (another first for us). I loved getting the house ready for Christmas.


I wanted lights on the top level too, but Ryan said it was a death I had to settle for lights just on the main level :(
We also went out and took some family pictures while Court & Josh visited. We were hoping to get a good one for our Christmas card, and even though it was FREEZING and Brady was really upset about it, we managed to get a usable one...and thanks to the wonders of photoshop, we're all looking at the camera (even Walle!)

November also brought us our first snow of the season, so I bundled Brady up and let him go out and play in it. It wasn't much and it was melted by the next day or so, but it was fun to play with while it lasted.

So that's basically it for November. I think Ryan was out of town almost ever week that month, so it was a long month but it was fun prepping for the holidays. 

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