Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Birthday barbecue for Brady and Luke

Since we went to CA to welcome Luke home, we decided to stay for a few weeks to visit with friends and family and enjoy the warm weather. While there, we had a little birthday barbecue to celebrate Luke and Brady's birthdays, which are just a few weeks apart.  

Playing ball with dad

Papa at the grill

Melissa and David came too, they're pretty much family :)

The Neilson men

Loving strawberries

Pound it


Aunt Courtney

Karen and Wade were visiting too

Papa and Grandma
OK, this next set of pics was taken indoors and I didn't adjust the white balance or shutter speed on my camera, so they're yellow and blurry, blech! BUT they capture the moment, so I thought I would share them anyway :)

Opening gifts...

Courtney got Brady a big music set - aka NOISE makers, Ahhhhh!

Birthday boys
I taught Brady to blow out candles a few weeks before this so he was very excited  for this part. He kept blowing the candle out as papa lit it...before we sang. Silly kid!

Love these guys!!


  1. Oh no! I took those blurry pictures! Sorry! : (

  2. You always take the best family photos!