Wednesday, March 27, 2013


While we were in CA, Luke, Courtney, and I got Disneyland passes for our birthdays. Ryan didn't get one because he's usually working when we visit CA and if he's not working, he's usually golfing. Anyway, several of the Southern CA cousins have passes too, so we got together with them for a "Neilson Disneyland day" :)

There were a lot of strollers between all of us
Brady jumped in Abby's double stroller with Rhys for a while and the boys took a nap together. I LOVED having them back together. They are 3 days apart and were each other's first friend :)

All of us, except Brian who was taking the picture
Abby is supermom and brought all 5 boys. Here she is with Brady and 4 of hers (she's wearing Nash). 

Courtney, Ellie, Desiree, and the top of Ethan's head

Charlotte (I love Ryder patting her head. He's so sweet!
It was so fun to be back at Disneyland. We went a few times over our visit and can't wait to get back to CA again for more Disneyland fun.

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