Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Brady lately

Family time at the park doing his favorite thing....blowing bubbles!

This kid is talking up a storm. It's beyond listing all of the words he says now, there are too many. He puts about 3 words together, but often has this awkward pause in between "thank you....daddy". He parrots us ALL day long, so we have to be careful what we say, he picked up on "stupid dog", whoops! He also comes up with things to say all on his own, the other day after nursery, he told me "Fischer nice" - Fischer is his closest friend here, but we call them frenemies because they often fight over toys. So on this day, I guess they got along great and Brady wanted to tell me. I loved it. Also, yesterday I took Brady swimming and and on our way home he kept saying "". So he knows the words that need to go together, we just need to work on the filler words to complete a sentence :) Yesterday he started yelling at me to "go!" whenever I stop the car at a light or in traffic. And he loves to tell me when things are the thunder we're getting right now. He keeps saying "under mama....scary".

Brady also loves to sing! Mostly he sings his ABC's, but his version goes something like this "ABCDEFG....WXYZ....Now I know my ABC's....WXYZ" He'll repeat any one of those parts over and over (to the proper tune). He also loves to sing Twinkle Twinkle, Row Row Row your boat, the Birthday song, and Rain Rain Go Away. He'll sing Rain Rain Go Away whenever it's raining...completely unprompted. He's a smartie :) He's outside on the balcony singing it right now!

He's at such a fun stage right now, having him a little more communicative definitely makes things easier, and it happens so fast. I think if I were to be better at recording his verbal status each month, I would see huge advancements during certain months, but I don't record much anymore because we're too busy talking, singing, playing, etc. all day long! This is one BUSY boy and I just LOVE it!

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