Tuesday, June 25, 2013

random thoughts on life

So now that the word is out that I'm pregnant, I thought I'd share some of my thoughts/feelings/experiences from early on in the pregnancy:

4/23/13 - 8 weeks along

As much as we planned this and want this, I'm kind of freaking out now that it's happening. We have a good thing going with Brady. The hard newborn stuff is over, and Brady was a VERY hard newborn. I don't think I got a GOOD night's sleep until he was 1. But now, he's a great sleeper. I can count on him going down without a fight every night and I know that when he wakes in the morning he'll just talk or sing to himself for a while in his crib, so I am well rested. He's also a great napper, I get anywhere from 2-3 hours from him every day. Sleep is kind of a big deal to me and I'm scared to be without it for a long period of time again. I know I'll manage, but seriously, I LOVE my sleep!!

So about this baby... The Chinese gender prediction calendar says it's going to be a GIRL. So does the Mayan gender predictor. And I held my wedding ring on a string over my belly and it pointed to girl too. I want a girl so badly (eventually), but I also would love for it to be a boy so Brady could have a buddy. I think we want 3 kids and I think I REALLY want it to be 2 boys and 1 girl. Obviously we'll take what we get and be happy, but ya know, if I could plan it out, that's probably how it would be.

5/7/13 - 10 weeks along

So I'm 10 weeks along now and I'm starting to "show". No one would guess that I'm pregnant, but I'm spilling over my jeans and just feeling thick and squishy. My friend Christen noticed, but probably only because she knows I'm pregnant. Everything seems to be changing so much more quickly this time around (which is normal, I know). With Brady, I didn't start showing until 15 weeks or so. It makes me wonder if I'm going to get a lot bigger than I did with him.

I'm feeling pretty good. No sickness at all so far, just tired and I have frequent dizzy spells. I have to stand slowly, or steady myself on something if I stand too quickly.

I had my first prenatal appointment last week. I had an ultrasound and was pretty excited to see that there was, in fact, a baby in there. For some reason I was starting to question things...wondering if I was imagining all of it. I remember having the same thoughts with Brady until I got to the doctor too. Weird, right?

5/29/13 - 13 weeks along

I'm in to my second trimester now. I'm still not really announcing it to the masses. Our immediate family and close friends know, so it's not that it's a big secret, I just think I'm pulling back from how much I share on Facebook. I'll share the news eventually, but I just don't feel the need to announce it yet.

I'm feeling great and my belly is growing. It's getting a little harder to hide it...but I don't necessarily look pregnant, I just look like I've gained some pounds in my gut. I'm a little self conscious in a swimsuit right now because I wonder if people think I'm a chub or if they can tell I'm pregnant. Oh well, I'm sure in a month or two it will be unmistakeable.

I didn't have too many cravings with Brady except catchup (I just realized how weird that word is, spoken and written). I still don't really crave much...but I have found myself slicing up strips of cheddar cheese almost daily. I don't really crave it, but it's there and I seem to be enjoying it more than I normally would. I just love that little sharp/bitter taste to it. YUM.

I think I feel tiny little movements now. It's usually at night while we watch tv and it's ever so slight, but  I feel something, and it's not gas. :)

6/25/13 - 17 weeks along

I've been getting headaches almost daily for a few weeks now. I remember dealing with that with Brady too, so it's normal for me, but it's irritating. I also have sciatic pain almost constantly. That started early on. I still get hit with sudden waves of exhaustion  It's not just tired, it's like I'm out of breath and NEED to lay down for a while. All an all, these symptoms aren't bad compared to what others suffer with, but it's what I've got.

I think I'm starting to look pregnant now and finally caved and wore a maternity shirt yesterday. I'm going to get some pants this week. All of my old maternity clothes are buried in storage and won't be accessible for about a month (plus they are all fall clothes anyway) so I'm going to have to get some new things to get me through summer. I've noticed I'm eating/enjoying spicier things than normal. I'm not into salsa usually, but I made quesadillas the other day and HAD to have salsa on them. I've also bought chips and sals to eat at home, which I've NEVER done before. It's nothing weird, but unusual for me.

Brady knows there is a baby in my belly and he points to it and kisses it. It's pretty cute. I think he's going to be a great big brother!

We move to CA in 5 days, but since Toyota is packing us up and moving us, it's going to be the most stress free move ever (I think). We plan on spending the next 5 days relaxing at the pool.

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