Saturday, July 20, 2013

Week of cousins

We had a busy week last week. We spent a lot of time with cousins and had a great time.

On Tuesday we met up with Tiersha and Desiree to take all the babies swimming. Brady had so much fun... The pool really is his happy place!!

On Wednesday we all got together again at Califia beach in San Clemente. Kari, Kasey, Abby, and Heidi joined us with their kids. We had a huge group and it was so fun to catch up with everyone.

Abby even helped Brady overcome his fear of the ocean... He LOVED going out and chasing he waves with her and the boys!!

On Friday, Brady and I watched Charlotte for Tiersha while she and Josh went to the Temple. Brady and Charlotte were so interested in each other, and he was so kind and gentle with her. It warmed my heart!

We met up with Tiersha and Josh for lunch at Fashion Island and then we went to Sprinkles ice cream shop so I could try the new cupcake/ice cream combo. 

That night we got together with a group for dinner at Roman Cucina to celebrate Desiree's birthday. We had some great food and it was fun to get out for a night with friends/cousins :)

It was a week full of family and I loved every second of it!!


Here are a few other pictures and activities from our week:

Brady likes to help papa water the plants.

There is a house being built across the street. We have a front row seat for all the action and it's especially exciting when there are lumber deliveries or metal beam deliveries.

We often take a walk after dinner so Brady can go ride the horse. He loves it and knows how many coins it needs and he puts them in all by himself!

On the last stretch of the walk, he gets to get out of the stroller and walk/explore. It's his favorite!!

Summer nights on balboa are pretty awesome!

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