Monday, July 15, 2013

Last week in Balboa...

We had another awesome week here on Balboa Island. The week started off on a bit of a sour note when right before bed, Brady tripped and smacked his forehead on a stool. He wouldn't let me ice it, but I had heard that butter helps because it has lots of phosphates in it, so we smothered that on and cuddled for a bit. It seemed to help at first, but now a week later, he still has a bump and bruise, so I don't know if I'm a true believer. Now whenever he gets hurt he asks to put butter on it. Silly kid!

We usually go to the beach right here in the bay with Brady because there are no waves and its nice and calm, but on Monday, we decided to ride the ferry to the peninsula and head to the big beach, with BIG waves.

Ryan took Brady out to investigate the waves, but Brady got knocked down pretty quickly and was scared of the water after that.

Ryan went to go swim and Brady was so worried about the waves that he freaked out and cried the whole time Ryan was in the water. He loves his daddy!!

After some convincing, Ryan got Brady to go back towards the water and they sat and got wet while digging for sand crabs.

On Tuesday night we headed to Melissa and David's for a BBQ. We made bacon wrapped dates, steak, shrimp, mushrooms, and asparagus. David has a smoker and smoked the meat, it was pretty good! I brought Sprinkles cupcakes for dessert and they were yummy!!

Ryan and I settled on an apartment in Los Alamitos, which is near Long Beach, so we went and signed the lease and we will move in on 8/3. It was nice to get the burden of house hunting over with before Ryan started his job.

One morning Brady woke up asking for donuts. We don't always give into hat request, but since the donut shop is just a few blocks away, we decided to take a little walk over to get one. We sat out on a bench enjoying our breakfast before walking back home along the water. 

Brady had some pennies that morning and loved to count them, stack them, and line them up. 

After donuts. We went home and got dressed for the day before heading to downtown Disney. We walked around the shops, threw lots of coins in the fountain, and grabbed lunch at the Jazz Kitchen. It was a great day!

That night we all walked to a Mexican restaurant on the island for Taco Thursday. We go every week when we're here, it's so good.

The next morning, Ryan had an appointment for a face shave at a local shave shop... They specialize in shaving with a long razor. His clippers are packed away in storage and he starts his job today, so he needed some help getting rid of that big crazy beard. He's never had any type of pampering service like that done and he loved it. He said he could definitely see himself going back and doing it on a regular basis :) I told him that's why we get manis and pedis. Of course we can paint our own nails, but having it done is so relaxing and nice!!

Anyway, here's a before and shot. :)

Brady and I got to meet up with Tiersha and Charlotte at Fashion Island for lunch. It was so great to see them and catch up. Unfortunately Brady was a crabby punk and whined and cried most of the time because he didn't want to be in a stroller and he wanted to jump into the coy pond. Ahhh!

This weekend we found ourselves back at the beach... in the bay though so Brady could play. This kid has no fear. He runs out in the water until it is right up to his neck and then jumps to dad to swim and splash around. He kicks and flaps his arms like a little swimmer. He is definitely ready for swim lessons!
Saturday night Ryan had plans and Rick and Arlene were going out, so Brady and I walked over to the main street and got some frozen yogurt. I absolutely love my one on one dates with him. I hope we keep this up forever!!

We made it to the beach one more time that week (3 times in 1 week). This time we took an umbrella, chairs, snacks, and music. It's amazing how much longer you can stay when you have these things. Brady and Ryan built a sand castle (Ryan built, Brady destroyed), they swam, and I laid out. Brady kept taking my hat... 

I told him we needed to get him a bucket hat and the next thing we know, he gets up and grabs a bucket and puts it on like a hat. Silly kid!!

After naps, we had a BBQ, and took a nice walk along the water.

Oh, and here's Brady's new favorite thing to do at grandma's. He locks and unlocks the door. He's kind if obsessed.

So that was our last week spent together before Ryan had to report to his new job. We've so enjoyed these 2 weeks he had off and I'm sad to have him away all day again, but at least with this job, he only leaves during the day and he comes home EVERY night. No more traveling 2+ weeks a month. I'm beyond thrilled!!!

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