Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Baybay on the way

Hey there, Missy here. Just thought I'd log an update on the pregnancy and general state of life right now. I feel like I was SO much more on top of journaling my pregnancy with Brady, but it's much harder the second time around when you're chasing/entertaining a 2 year old all day.

I'm 32 weeks pregnant now, so I have roughly 8 weeks to go. I'm kind of shooting for 6.5 or 7 though. Brady was 10 days early, so it'll be interesting to see if this babe follows in brother's footsteps and makes his debut just a little early. I'd be happy to meet him a bit before his December 2 due date, just not too much before!

Me at about 8 or 10 weeks...bump just starting to show

me now at 32 weeks

I'm feeling mostly great. I'm tired and have aches and pains and an occasional WICKED bout of sciatic pain, but overall, this has been a great pregnancy, just like my first one. I realize I'm very body tolerates pregnancy really well (so far). I've never dealt with morning sickness or nausea. I do have some sensitivities to raw meat though... sometimes as I'm cooking dinner I'll suddenly get this yucky feeling in my stomach and I know that I CANNOT eat that. So I finish making dinner, serve it to Ryan and Brady, and pour myself a big bowl of cereal.

As far as doctor visits go, everything seems to be checking out well. The only issue so far is low iron, so I'm on a supplement (when I remember to take it - I'm bad with pills/vitamins). I'm pretty nervous about the delivery. Things went so smoothly with Brady and I've just assumed all this time that it will be just as easy, if not easier...but I know that anything can happen and I worry that it will be way different/more difficult this time around. The baby is breech right now. It's too early to be concerned about it, but that makes me nervous too. Eek! I've been reading tips on and really need to start some exercises to encourage a little flip. It's interesting having his feet down though, because sometimes when he kicks, I feel like I'm being sucker punched in the bladder or rear end. It can be quite uncomfortable. But, I can handle it for a few more months. I just hope he'll get into position in time for a smooth and easy delivery!

I feel like the thing I'm MOST nervous about is having TWO kids. Brady is a handful as it is and I can't imagine not having my FULL attention for him. I already feel guilty that he's had too much tv time over the past few months as I've been trying to rest during the day. I don't want that to continue for long, but I don't know how I'm supposed to keep him busy and engaged while nursing and caring for a newborn all day long. I SURE wish we had a yard that I could send him out in to run around and play and dig! Maybe soon....

I finally completed a little baby registry on for the few things we still need for this baby. For the longest time it had one thing on it - a double stroller, but after talking with friends and thinking about what I wish I had with Brady, I've managed to come up with a few more things that I think might make my days with a newborn a little easier.

We've bought exactly ONE thing for this babe because I thought it was the MOST important thing to have. For mother's day/my birthday, I asked for a La-Z-Boy recliner  because the glider we bought when I was pregnant with Brady just wasn't comfortable enough to sleep in or sit in for hours at a time and I remember sitting in it during all hours of the night just wishing I could lay back and sleep. I swore then that we would have something more comfy for the next baby.

We've had it since April or so and Brady and I have already shared several naps in it, so I know it's a place I'll be very comfortable with the new baby in. It's not the most beautiful nursery chair, but I guarantee it's more comfortable than most of those gorgeous nursery chairs and after having one newborn with a not so comfy chair, I decided that comfort beats style this time around. I can't wait to cuddle a newborn in this chair!!

Brady is getting pretty excited about the baby. He asks when the baby can play basketball with him or do puzzles with him. If I ask him when the baby will be here, he says "by Christmas". Sometimes he'll tickle my tummy and say he's tickling the baby. He went with me to a doctor appointment last month and got to hear the heartbeat. He still talks about that a lot. He thinks it sounded like fireworks.

He got to hold a baby for the first time a few weeks ago when the Van Dusens were in town. As soon as he saw baby Clara, he wanted to hold her, so we sat down on the couch together and he got his chance. He did a great job and was SO gentle with her. I just KNOW he's going to be a great brother!!


I'll end this post with a cute story from earlier today. I was cleaning up around the house and Brady kept saying "Mommy's the best, mommy's the best". I smiled to myself wondering where he came up with that, because it's not something I've ever said (out loud anyway!). Finally I repeated him..."mommy's the best?" He said "no" and started singing the wheels on the I said "mommy's A BUS?" and he said "yep!". Hmphhhh! I FEEL like a bus lately, but that wasn't very nice!! In his defense, he might have just been trying to sing "the mommy's on the bus go shh shh shh", but in my enlarged and hormonal state, I must say, I was slightly offended!! Little stinker!!

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