Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wishing the days away

I'm bored. At over 36 weeks pregnant, my days aren't too exciting right now. When Ryan comes home and asks what we did each day my answers are getting more and more dull: "we went to the post office","we went grocery shopping", "I vacuumed", etc. And it's usually just ONE of those activities per day. Occasionally I'll take Brady over to Disneyland for a few hours, but I can't stay long because my back starts to hurt from walking around, pushing the stroller, and holding Brady in lines for too long. We spend a lot of time at home doing nothing...and by "nothing" I mean watching Curious George, which I hate to admit :/

I often find myself wishing these days away...wishing I could just fast forward a few weeks...and then a few months to more exciting times. With the baby and a job transfer on the horizon, it's hard to stop and enjoy these seemingly monotonous days. But I'm trying. Sometimes it's easy - Ryan has some perks by working at Toyota and we've had the chance to go to a concert and the Symphony with some friends recently. I've loved getting out and doing something different. I've also had a few opportunities to get out and spend time with girlfriends and I've so enjoyed some adult/girl time. But I'm also trying to enjoy the more routine things, knowing full well that our "routine" will be vastly different in a few weeks. Going out with TWO kids is going to be much more challenging/stressful, so I'm trying to savor my one on one time with Brady...lunch dates, park time, errands, etc. while I can...temper tantrums and all.

If memory serves, my days were NEVER more monotonous than when I had a I hate to be bored and complain already...because even after the baby comes, life probably won't get too much more thrilling for a few months...but at least I'll have Christmas to distract me :)

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  1. I'm sure once the baby comes and a potential move, you will be so busy you won't even know where to start! We are always up for lunch dates and park least for a couple weeks :)