Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Are you surprised, really? We are always moving!! By the time we get this next move out of the way, within ONE year's time, we will have lived in 5 places: The house in Bennington, the apartment in Omaha (while we waited for the Toyota job offer), Balboa Island with the in-laws while we looked for an apartment, our current apartment in Los Alamitos, and then our next stop: Cincinnati, OH. 

The moving around stops there for a while, as this job (still with Toyota, just the next step for Ryan's position) keeps us there for anywhere from 8-12 years. So we're finally going somewhere to SETTLE for a bit, which is great with little kids, especially as they get into school. 

I'm a little bummed to be going so far from family and BACK to the cold, but I'm also really excited. I've heard great things about Cincinnati. It's NOT California, so we can afford to live in a home that is more suited for our families needs. I'm anxious to go out there and start hunting for a place to live...and to pay LESS for a nice house or townhouse than we pay for our cruddy apartment here in CA. We'll rent for a year or two while we get to know the area, but we plan on buying a home eventually and the prices are pretty awesome compared to here. 

So that's the next adventure for our little family. I feel like we've had so many adventures and moves in our nearly 7 years of marriage. I'm really excited for the moving to stop for a bit!

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