Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Update from Cincinnati

Hey there. We've been in Cincinnati for about a month now and we've been busy. I figured I should check in and fill you all in on our adventures in Ohio, so far.

When we got here we met up with a realtor right away. We were staying in a hotel and hoped to find a place on Saturday and be able to move in by mid-week, leaving us in the hotel for only a handful of nights...things didn't quite work out that way though. On Saturday, we checked out nearly a dozen rental properties and the last one we were scheduled to see for the day ended up being awesome. It wasn't in the city we wanted most, but it was a beautiful home with all of our checklist items. We put in our application that night, but due to the holiday weekend and some promotion the property management company was running, they got backed up on going through applications and didn't get back to us for nearly a week. They called and told us we got the place, but couldn't move in for ANOTHER week.

Meanwhile, we'd been in a hotel (luckily with 2 attached rooms) with both boys for a week and I was going crazy. I cried to Ryan and told him I COULDN'T do it for another whole week, even if that meant we had to look for another place to live. So I hopped on Craigslist and found a Town Home in Mason, OH, the city we REALLY wanted to live in. I called the realtor and explained our situation and asked if I could come see the place. She was so helpful and she was determined to help us out. She showed me 3 places and we were moving into our new place by Sunday night. Our stuff wasn't scheduled to arrive until Wednesday, so we just got blankets and slept on the floor. The realtor offered to bring us pillows, blankets, pots, pans, and anything else we needed from her own home to make us more comfortable....she was very motherly and it was just what I needed when the stress of the trip was getting to me (staying with an almost 3 year old and a newborn in a hotel for a week is HARD). We ended up getting an aerobed and a few mattresses for Brady's new bunk bed, so it wasn't as hard to sleep in the house without all of our stuff after the first night.

On wednesday the movers arrived to unload and unpack everything. Their unpacking policy is that they open the boxes and place the contents on the nearest surface (floor, counter, bed), so once they left we had a lot of putting away to do, but at least everything was out of boxes! Now, 2 weeks later, things are pretty much all in their spot and we're settling in. We love the city we live in and we really like our town home too. It's a 3 bedroom, 4 bath home with a finished basement, which is a toys around the house, they're all downstairs. When we buy a house, a finished basement is a MUST on my list!!

I went to my new ward for church last week and I'm pretty excited. There are lots of young families and people are so friendly. We've already been invited over for dinner with one family and we have a play date with another family on Friday. I also made a friend at the furniture store! We were out shopping for a couch and as I sat there trying to pick the fabric I wanted while chasing Brady around, a girl passed by mentioning that she had a boy the same age and felt for me. We started talking and found out we live minutes from each other, so we exchanged numbers and had a play date the next morning.
We also have some friends out here from Toyota. Ryan's closest friend in the training program back in Torrance interviewed for this Ohio office with Ryan and they both got the position, so he and his fiance are out here with us and it's great to have automatic friends.

All in all, things have gone pretty well here in Ohio. The first week and a half were a little rough, but now that we have a home and we are settling back in to a normal schedule, things seem pretty great. Now if only it would warm up a little!!!

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