Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My little Danish

Ryan doesn't like my nickname for Dane, but I think it's cute :)

ANYWAY, I just thought I'd update the blog with what's going on with this little guy. We had his 3 month check a few weeks ago and I mentioned to the doctor that his head shape seemed a little off to me. A little flat on one side in the back and there's a little bump on the front on that same side. She confirmed that it was a problem. It's called Plagiocephaly.

From day one Dane has preferred to turn his head to the left, like FAR to the left. He does it while he's awake and he does it while he's asleep. He's a REALLY great sleeper, so sleeping in that same position all night has caused a flat spot, which then makes the front protrude a little. You can't see the difference much, but you can feel it. After a few tests, the doctor determined that his neck muscles might be a little tight on one side and that's why he turns the other way. So we left with a referral to a physical therapist to loosen things up.

We went for an evaluation last week and they found that he is tighter on one side, so we have to go back every other week for some PT work, and we have some exercises to do at home every day. Plus LOTS of tummy time, which he hates! The PT then referred us to a plastic surgeon when Dane is 4 months old. It sounds extreme, but I guess all plagiocephaly patients are referred there. Once the baby is 4 months or older, they will measure the head and determine if helmet therapy is needed. I'm REALLY hoping it's not needed because it just seems burdensome. BUT, if it is needed, it's really not that big of a least his health is good!!

Our appointment is in April and they told me to plan 3-4 hours for the appointment!! There is a lot of testing and evaluating to be done. Until then, we'll keep working on our neck exercises and trying to keep him from laying on that side of his head. Things can change/improve if we do. Crossing fingers!!

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